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The Coral Guide is everything your guests need, in their pocket. Easily present information about your home & neighborhood in a beautiful and intuitive format.

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Coral simplifies the entire hosting process


Feel prepared for every guest

Simply enter the necessary information about your home and neighborhood and Coral will organize it beautifully.


Easily build trust with potential guests

Provide guests with the confidence they need to book by showing your professionalism before they even step foot in your home by sending them your Guide.


Get your guests excited about their stay

Coral will be there when guests are planning their trip, displaying your Local Recommendations and answering frequently asked questions so you don’t have to.


Guarantee a good first impression

A stress-free arrival with check-in time, directions, parking, and entry information now all in one place.


An informed guest is a happy guest

Information about your home and neighborhood helps your guests know where to go, what to do, and how to get there.


Enjoy being the memorable host your guests love

Your Guide gets better the more that you use it. Use your guests’ amazing reviews to improve your Guide for your next booking.

Coral is 100% FREE to use

Join thousands of hosts & property managers who already benefit from Coral, free of charge

Coral is the most sophisticated Guide solution on the market

Hosts & hospitality experts from all over the world have helped us create a suite of powerful features, without the learning curve.